(image by M. Grant Photography)

“Banafrit” is an Egyptian name meaning “beautiful soul”.  I work to ensure the best of you is exemplified in all that I do, especially with event and gift designs. I have always had a connection to the name, and when I started with this venture, I couldn’t help but go with Banafrit Décor.

After years of analytical work that I also enjoy, I realized that I have always had my hands in something creative and am at a point where the creativity inside of me is begging to be nurtured and exposed.  For years I have designed and decorated numerous showers and social events, and I enjoy putting extra touches on gifts (presentation is everything).

Event design, photography, travel, dinner parties, cooking, corresponding in style… did I mention that I love looking at, indulging in, and talking about all things creative?!  Take a peek around, share, and enjoy.  Welcome to Banafrit Décor!